Digital Gaming

Dungeons & Javas offers Virtual tabletops to help enhance your gaming experience.   We have Maptool and Roll20 to accommodate your gaming needs.

You can reserve one of our gaming tables or our VIP room.

Virtual tabletops are designed to enhance pen-and-paper role-playing games.  You can use it face-to-face or with friends all around the world.

Advantages of Virtual Tabletop:

  • Provides individual vision so the player knows exactly what they can see based on light and obstacles.
  • Allows a player to zoom in and out, so an archer can actually take shots of 120 ft or further, which is limited on standard tabletop map.
  • Spell casters can easily draw spell affect areas.
  • Automatic tracking of movement.
  • Hundreds of textures and tiles to fit each individual scene or scenario.
  • Allows friends all around the world to play together

What Dungeons and Javas offers:

    • Tables and TVs that have Maptool, allowing RPG gamers a place to utilize the system.
    • A server with a library of thousands of textures, features and furnishings for Maptool.
    • Classes on Maptool, to help with the learning curve.
    • Maptool has hundreds of pre-drawn maps available for import, or you can create your own using our libraries of thousands of textures, features and furnishings!

Pros & Cons of different VTTs:

MapTool Roll20 Fantasy Grounds
Setup Relatively complicated, but strong user base may already have framework (D&J has these frameworks) Relatively easy Relatively complicated, but many things can be imported if you buy source material
Features More features Less features, best ones cost money More features
Dice Rolling Simple and Versatile Simple, versatile, and quick slow, made for D&D mechanics
Fog of War Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic Lighting Yes with subscription No
Advanced scripting Yes with subscription
Asset/Character transfer between campaigns Yes with subscription
Versatile Character sheets Yes with subscription
Special Features Isometric map integration Soundcloud for background music Encounter builder helps game run smoothly
Online Can use offline Built in hangout functionality, but can’t be used offline Can use offline
Program Stability Less More (assuming server isn’t down) Pretty solid
Cost Free Free version available, subscription for cool stuff Most expensive, especially up front
Licensed Material available Coming soon? Yes
Learning curve Relatively steep, less intuitive Relatively minimal Moderate to steep
UI appearance Ugly, many small buttons and text polished, simple, streamlined “Best”