For SAME DAY RESERVATIONS please call the store.  719.418.3276

There have been an increase in table reservations not being cancelled.  Please call the store if you do not need your reservation.

If a table reservation is not cancelled (that is part of a series), it will be assumed that if the rest of the series no longer needed and that series will be cancelled.

* Reservations will be held for 30 minutes after the scheduled start time of the reservation.  If Party has not shown up, the able will be released for general use.

Select a date and time(s) to Reserve a Gaming Table!

VIP ROOM Reservations
The Gaming VIP room contains a 40in x 72in gaming table. It will have a 70” TV so that you can hook up your laptop to the table. This will allow players to utilize virtual tabletop software such as Roll20, Maptool or other platforms! Virtual tabletops allow players to play RPG games with players in different locations. So, if you have a friend that lives in New York, that you want to play with, Virtual tabletops accommodate this. Check out our Virtual Tabletop page to learn more. A laptop will be available for checkout if you do not want to bring in your own laptop. The store laptop will include Syrinscape which provides different sounds and background noise to enhance your gaming experience with battle sounds, tavern sounds, etc.  There is a $10 per hour fee for this room or $30 for 4 hours.  Pay after session at the counter.

Black -Ultimate Gaming Table Reservations
The 48inx72in gaming table is a black design for gaming parties! It comes with optional tabletops to cover your gaming! The table can accommodate up to 6 people and costs nothing to reserve! It will also be equipped with attachable cup holders!

Brown -Ultimate Gaming Table Reservations
The brown table is exactly the same as the Black table.

Other Gaming Tables are available.  Call the store to reserve or just come on in.  

So whether you are looking to play an RPG game, a board game, Zombicide or some other game we have several table options to fit your needs.

WARNING– The play area is Open!  So please keep in mind noise levels will vary depending on number of players in the store.

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