How to earn Dungeons & Javas Gold

  • For every $1 spent in a transaction, you will receive 1 loyalty point.
  • Organize and run an event, we will reward you based on turn-out at 10 points per player that buys in to the event. This must be coordinated with D&J in advance.
  • For any new player you bring to the store that participates in an event or makes a minimum $10 purchase, you each get a 50 point bonus
  • Each time you check in to Dungeons and Javas on Facebook (near the time you arrive) and show what game you are playing you get 25 points (max. once per day)
  • Come in on your birthday and get 50 points
  • Once per Class per Semester earn 10 points for each A on your report card.
  • Once per Class per Semester earn 5 points for each B on your report card.
  • Warrior Training – Teach a game, 10 points per Player Taught.

How to spend your Dungeons & Javas Gold

  • 10 points gets you a bulk Magic single (worth less than $1)
  • Spend 50 points to get a free drink.
  • Spend 50 points to apply $2 towards a Rare Magic card.
  • Spend 100 points to get a 10% discount on a product price worth $40 or less, that has not already been discounted.
  • Spend 100 points to get $5 off a paid event or league entry (limit 1 per entry)