About Us

A few words about us

Let us introduce ourselves

Dungeons & Javas is the premiere Gaming Store and coffee shop in Colorado Springs. We are a unique blend of board games, hobby games, play space, Awesome coffee, tea, and paninis. We offer a comfortable, fun, and friendly environment for our customers to browse, buy and play the latest in hobby and board games. Our Dungeon themed store/café in Colorado Springs is the perfect place to meet with your friends over your favorite games or make new friends.

We offer Televisions at some of our tables for those gamers that want to take advantage of virtual tabletop software such as Roll 20, Maptool, etc.

We have a variety of different table sizes to support you, your friends and the games of your choice. If you are looking for a new game, come in and check out our game library (free to check out for in store play with purchase of beverage). You can also talk to our friendly staff for a recommendation.

We feature demos, tournaments, events, and related activities. The list is constantly being updated so check back often to see our events calendar for more details.

If you are wanting to play a game and all your friends are busy, come in and take advantage of our flag system. Simply grab a flag stand from the library section and put it on your table. This notifies other players you are looking for a game or a player for your game. A great way to find that extra player or two and meet new people

We cater to the veteran players as well as the novice players. So, whether you are looking for a great place to play with some experienced players, or newer to the world of gaming, Dungeons and Javas is here for you.

Dungeons & Javas looks forward to seeing you, your family and friends. Stop by and take on a Zombie Horde, a Pack of Werewolves, or whatever the next adventure may hold.

Dungeons & Javas, where we put entertainment in your cup.